Free SC Permit Practice Tests – Practice Questions for the SC DMV Test

So you’re ready to test your skills on some free practice questions for the SC permit test? Good thing. Each of the links below takes you to a practice permit test with questions straight out of the SC DMV Driver’s Handbook. On each practice test you’ll get 10 questions and your goal is to get 8 or more correct. The passing score for the SC permit test is 80% so we want you to be ready.

These tests include a variety of questions from each of the key areas of the SC permit test – SC driver’s laws, driver safety, and road signs and markings. If you take a few tests and find that you’re weak in one of those specific topics, we’ll help you there too. We give you the option of taking practice tests by category. Just click on the menu option for your weak topics and get to testing!

It’s time to show that SC permit test who’s boss. Go slay a few of these practice tests and you’ll be passing the SC permit test in no time. One favor: if you find these helpful, your friends will to. Share the love by using any of the methods at the bottom of each page.

SC Permit Test – Free Practice Test 6

Bring on South Carolina practice permit test #6! In free practice permit test #6, we’re going to test you on where the majority of traffic accidents and deaths occur, how to do a manual left turn hand signal, the appropriate steps to take when backing up your car, when cyclists are supposed to signal, what documents […]

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SC Permit Test – Free Practice Test 5

It’s time for South Carolina practice permit test #5! In free practice permit test #5, we’ll see what you know about a truck’s blind spots, how close you need to be when parking near the curb, when it’s acceptable to pass on the right, hydroplaning, the meaning of penant-shaped signs, and plenty more. We’re serving up ten questions and […]

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SC Permit Test – Free Practice Test 4

 Ready for another South Carolina practice permit test? Good. In free practice permit test #4, we cover a variety of topics including a traffic signal, your chances of survival in a high speed accident, where bicyclists need to ride, the hours you’ll be allowed to drive when you pass the SC permit test, and plenty […]

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SC Permit Test – Free Practice Test 3

OK ladies and gents, it’s time for practice SC permit test #3. In this test, we’ll ask you about how to be safe when you’re returning into traffic (for example pulling onto the highway from the shoulder), the expiration of SC identification cards, safety belt law, several signs, and of course, plenty more. You have […]

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SC Permit Test – Free Practice Test 2

So you made it through our free practice test #1 and you’re still wanting to see if you can tackle the SC permit test successfully? Then let’s keep right on going with this one – Free Practice Test #2. As with any of our free SC permit practice tests, there are 10 questions each worth […]

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SC Permit Test – Free Practice Test 1

This is free practice test #1 to see if you’re ready for the SC permit test. You’ll find 10 questions and each question is worth 10 points. You’ll need to score 80% or better to pass the real SC permit test so you want to shoot for getting a minimum of eight questions correct on […]

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